About bEE + bEETLE

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my little shop!

A bit about me
My name is Lisa Colebrooke and I live with my husband, baby girl, 2 dogs and 2 cats in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. I became a Mama Bee to our first wee Baby Bee in March 2018. Being a Mama is the best and hardest thing I have ever done! 

I started this business when I was on maternity leave, but now I work 9 day fortnights in an office job for my local regional council, and run my my passion project in my spare time! I have a design degree in Industrial (product) design, so definitely like to get crafty and make things, like Baby Bee's co-sleeper :)

So in October 2018, after months (well, kinda years actually) of thinking about it, I decided to take the plunge! When thinking about what kind of venture that I wanted to do, all paths led back to family products so I stopped fighting it! 

So, how did you get to the name bEE + bEETLE?
I got married to my wonderful hubby in November 2015, and I created a little set of bug icons to reflect our little pet names for each other - Ladybug (or lady beetle) and Humbug. Turns out humbug isn't a bug, it's a lolly, haha. So I translated our pet names into a ladybug and a bee icon and we used it on all our wedding stationary.

Later on when I was pregnant, we often called her bug or our little love-bug - a fitting little nickname we thought!

So when we were trying to think of business names, bugs of course ended up on the list. We had a big poster on the lounge wall with the all the ideas on it so that we could just see what fitted. I was always coming back to variations with the bugs and bEE + bEETLE stuck!

When did you launch?
January 16th, 2019!

What are your plans going forward?
At the moment, this is a part time business and we just need to see how we go! I'm so grateful to my amazing customers! Everything is done from our home - normally when baby is sleeping or on the weekend when hubby can help with Baby Bee! Turns out toddlers are like magpies and love bright and shiny things!!!

I'm starting to transition to include more of my own graphic design and illustration to my business, and visual education aids! Watch this space.

I guess the dream at the end of the day is to have a family business when hubby and I can both run together - this will really let us have the family oriented lifestyle that we want :)